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DRAKE Nuts | DRAKE Lock Nuts

DRAKE Nuts | DRAKE 2-Piece Locknut

Drake Nuts from Advanced Resources, are extreme duty locknuts that are ideal for applications requiring resistance to intense vibration. Demanding applications such as industrial gas compressors, diesel engines, oil and gas rigs, power plant engines and many more.

Advanced Resources Drake Nuts are for use with threaded assemblies and provide superior holding power in high vibration applications when compared to torque style lock nuts.

The Advanced Resources Drake Nut is a 2-piece, free spinning locknut that can be positioned in any location along the length of a threaded part. It is designed with a positive locking feature that doesn’t damage the mating threads.

Install drake nuts by tightening the bottom portion of the nut into place to the desired clamping load then install the top nut onto the bottom nut to lock the nut onto the thread. When the top nut is tightened down, it creates a wedging action and develops greater prevailing torque than standard locknut designs.

Stock Sizes:

1/4 - 28

5/16 - 24

3/8 - 24

1/2 - 20

5/8 - 18

3/4 - 16

(Other sizes, up to 3-3/4", are available upon request)

Material Specification: 4140 Steel

Finish Specification: Black Oxide

Contact us directly with questions or for pricing.


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